Angelo Galasso Teams Up With Doc Lee to Bring in NFTs

The renowned luxury brand Angelo Galasso now has a dedicated NFT section.

This segment came out as a result of the collaboration between the fashion brand and Doc Lee or Lee Robinson, a master creator of digital art associated with Altered. tv.

Doc Lee is a digital artist and the creative director of Altered. tv with experience of working with brands like Jaguar, Disney, Cartier, and others. In this collaboration of Doc Lee with Angelo Galasso, the end product will be the AG NFT, a new format Non-Fungible Token combining digital artwork with a limited series physical product.

A total of 24 NFT items will be up for auction, including an AG City Backpack, developed from customized grain reinforced canvas, printed with a geometric motif showing Angelo Galasso’s iconic AG Dragon Logo. An egg button with exquisite engraving will be indicative of the NFT art associated with the item.

The product list will also include a crypto credit card wallet and a key or hardware wallet ring. Both will have iconic egg button detail.

The backpack will have five NFTs paired to it, whereas the credit card wallet and the keyring will have seven and twelve.

Designed to articulate the exclusivity of Angelo Galasso’s handmade items, binding the digital and the physical into a single bundle, these NFTs will be available on OpenSea, a genesis collection of 24 items. Each NFT would be associated with a unique art piece that Doc Lee will design.

The owner of each of the NFTs would be the only official owner of the physical item associated with the sale. Beyond any doubt, this possession will create extraordinary value for the owner, possessing a unique item, with its digital artwork twin.

To make the process seamless and convenient for the participant, the auction winners will qualify for free delivery of the NFT and associated digital art to any location in the world. Angelo Galasso will also pay for the gas costs spent in the NFT purchase.

Still, if anyone wants to have a physical pick up, it is possible from the Angelo Galasso store, Knightsbridge in London.

Both Angelo Galasso and Doc Lee of are excited about this collaboration. According to Doc Lee, “the idea of creating an original piece of art in conjunction with an original item of luxury fashion is a unique and paradigm-shifting concept.” Lee sees a clear symbiotic relationship between Angelo Galasso’s work and that of his and his firm’s.

While the digital art pieces create a link between the digital and physical worlds, the elements of the digital animation reflect in the physical designs of Angelo.

For Angelo Galasso, this launch is pioneering where the fashion industry can benefit from technologies such as blockchain and NFTs, reducing counterfeiting and giving customers an improved brand experience.

Edenbase Innovation, a generation 2.0 ecosystem that excelled in empowering industries with frontier technologies, will support the creation.

Partially, the proceeds from the NFT sale will go into an environmental charity, helping offset some of the carbon footprint associated with the NFT.

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