Market Timing: Why Bitcoin Could Sweep Lows Before A Bounce

Bitcoin price is consolidating above $35,000, trying to build enough support to make an attempt at returning to local highs. Once there, if or not the bull run is still on will become a lot clearer.

But before that happens, there could be one more deep sweep of lows, according to a highly accurate market timing indicator. Here’s what the TD Sequential indicator – created by market timing wizard Thomas Demark – says about the current price action and what to expect in the days ahead.

Why Bitcoin Price Could Sweep Lows Before A Bounce Is Here

The top cryptocurrency by market cap just saw the close of one of the worst monthly candles on record, calling into question if the bull run market structure is intact, or if the cycle has fizzled out long before anyone anticipated.

Each market cycle has been lengthening thus far, yet this recent cycle would be capped off at only 26 months since the bottom. Most signs suggest it just isn’t yet time for the greater underlying trend to have ended.

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Bitcoin price is now building support after a vicious selloff that wiped more than $30,000 out from the price per coin.  Surely that’s enough downside – right?

According to the TD Sequential indicator on multiple timeframes, price action could take the first-ever cryptocurrency another level lower, sweeping lows before a meaningful bounce.

bitcoin market timing wizardry

There is an 8 count on most timeframes on the TD Sequential | Source: BTCUSD on

The Wizard Of Market Timing: All About The TD Sequential

The TD Sequential indicator is a market-timing indicator created by Thomas Demark. All of Demark’s highly regarded tools are focused on timing, and less so on the price of Bitcoin or other assets.

The timing is based on a sequence of candles resulting in a buy or sell signal when a nine-count is reached. An eight-count can sometimes produce the bounce that crypto holders are hopeful for, however, a “perfected” nine setups are what they really want.

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The reason why crypto investors won’t like the setup that’s to come is because for the nine candles to “perfect” the candle must fall deeper than the lows of the previous candles. Eight counts can also perfect and prompt a reversal, but because there are so many eight counts across multiple timeframes on Bitcoin price, the probability of more downside and one of these candle perfecting is just too high to ignore.

Aside from the buy signal that’s to come, technicals are extremely bullish on Bitcoin. Is this the “perfect” opportunity to buy one last time?

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