Bitcoin of America is on the Rise: Expands to 600 plus ATMs

Ever since Bitcoin created a new record, the popular cryptocurrency is in great demand. As the cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream adoption, it is essential to make it more accessible to anyone who wishes to buy into the ongoing financial revolution. Currently, the majority of Bitcoin purchases happen on online exchange and trading platforms, which prevents many from taking a plunge into the cryptocurrencies due to apprehensions about the trustworthiness of these platforms.

Bitcoin ATMs are a familiar solution to the abovementioned problem, which makes it easier for the general public to purchase the cryptocurrency. Somewhat similar to regular ATMs, these machines are physically accessible and easy to operate, making them ideal for those who are not sure about using online platforms. Even those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies also find such machines in strategic locations useful to meet the crypto needs.

However, there aren’t many Bitcoin ATMs to be found across the world. But this is soon going to change as Bitcoin of America is striving to ensure that each town in every state of the USA gets at least one Bitcoin ATM. At present, Bitcoin of America has set up a network of over 600 Bitcoin ATMs across the United States. The number is expected to surge as it continues to expand the network at a rapid pace by adding 100-150 new machines every month.

Bitcoin of America ATMs are conveniently placed in local businesses that people frequently visit. These machines are set within a familiar setting, creating an atmosphere of trust for those willing to purchase bitcoin through a FinCEN registered platform. The program also helps these businesses earn additional revenue by sharing transaction fees on bitcoin purchases. In return, they just have to provide some space for the machine along with electricity and internet connection.

Apart from the Bitcoin ATMs, the Bitcoin of America Host program also has portable Bitcoin Tablets, to be handed out to partners who may not have adequate space to accommodate a bulky machine.

With the company handling all the logistics and compliance formalities, becoming a host for one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin ATM and kiosk network is quite easy. Bitcoin of America also ensures that these locations gain enough exposure by advertising them on various digital channels, which results in these host locations getting increased foot traffic. Bitcoin of America lists all 600+ locations on its website, and these ATMs are also listed on websites like Coin ATM Radar alongside other global locations for better visibility.

Bitcoin of America also offers a mobile wallet app to buy, sell and store their crypto assets.

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