BSCTrades: The Complete Trading Package with Real-time Data Analysis

BSCTrades launches comprehensive trading tools with real-time data analysis at the trader’s fingertips. These tools by BSCTrades are set to ramp up the BSC trading game. Traders can Chart, trade and research with total efficiency to maximize their profits.

Binance Smart Chain(BSC) the native blockchain of the Binance ecosystem has emerged as one of the biggest and most successful blockchain networks this bull season. BSC has become the choice of traders and defi protocols alike as the Ethereum network faced major congestion issues and high gas fees. At the peak of the bull run, the BSC network was processing 4X the volume of the ETH network, indicating the growing choice of traders of BSC over any other similar networks. Over the past couple of months, a majority of Defi protocols have either migrated to BSC leaving Ethereum behind or have created cross-chain support for their projects.

As more traders join the BSC network in hopes of making most of the current bull season, BSCTrades has come up with an all-in-one trading platform designed on Binance smart chain with comprehensive trading tools and launchpad feature. A one of its kind platform designed to ensure traders are given a perfect trading interface and tools to maximize profitably. On the BSC trading platform, traders can analyze trades, develop strategies and utilize trading bots for effective trading.

Some of the key features of the platform include,

  • real-time chart.
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Modern Comprehensive trading tools
  • Launchpad for upcoming projects on the BSC space

BSC Trades seeks to create value and provide a sustainable ecosystem for its stakeholders. Investors and community members rest assured that all projects launched are strictly evaluated by the team to avoid scam projects and projects going rug at an early stage. All projects and transactions are safe and secured as BSCTrades make sure the investors maximize profits.

Why choose BSCTrades Over Other Trading Tools?

The market has a slew of trading apps and services promising to offer a different range of trading aids and services, however, none of them offers a comprehensive package as robust as BSCTrades. A compilation of tools on the platform include,

POOL EXPLORER: Search for new pools, add or remove liquidity in a pair, find the best gems and avoid scam projects.

PAIR EXPLORER: Follow the best pairs through this tool with real-time graphics and transactions, add pairs to favorites, and much more.

LAUNCHPAD: $BSCTD token holders who qualify for the tiered system are guaranteed varied allocation to early sales of projects launching through BSCTrades platform.

LOYALTY AIRDROP: Each project that launches through the platform will airdrop 5% of the total BNB raised, providing additional income for BSCTD token holders.

TRENDING PROJECTS: Hot projects will be shown on the trending list, allowing users to quickly determine the tokens that have the highest market interest.

The platform is not just limited to BSC traders in fact with a launchpad and IDO integrated into the system it also becomes quite a prominent attraction for investors in different decentralized projects as well. Investors and projects accepted profit extensively from the ecosystem’s services and benefits. BCS Trades is devoted to creating value for all stakeholders, and this commitment manifests through exclusive services and rewards.

Some of the key investor benefits of the platform include an exclusive initial private offering round for every accepted project on BSC Trades and every IDO holder must airdrop 5% of the total BNB raised to $BSCTD token which in turn guarantees that BSC TRADES accepted projects undergo strict identity-proofing and auditing requirements.

Two streams of passive income exposure to potentially profitable projects with minimized risk. Projects accepted to be launched on the BSC TRADES launchpad will gain access to exclusive resources to ensure IDO success. Some of the services include but are not limited to

  • Consulting services for tokenomics,
  • Promoters and marketing expert;
  • Auditing partner; KYC partner;
  • Listing partners (CoinGecko, etc.) branding, and more

BSCTrades make sure that most of the upcoming defi projects looking for a seamless launch and the right audience for trade meet the right target audience to make the most of the opportunity. BSC platform has also become a growing choice looking at the phenomenal growth of the native token which has risen by 13X over the past couple of months owing to growing traction of the BSC network. Thus projects launching on BSC hope for a similar success story and BSCTrades offer that perfect opportunity for these projects to grow and mimic the success of the original chain.

BSCTrades Tokenomics

BSCTrades platform’s native token is represented by a ticker symbol BSCDT and would work as a utility token within the ecosystem. The total supply of BSCDT has been capped at a minimal 20,000 units offering the much necessary scarcity that would ensure that the platform token is used and utilized for the necessary without focusing on the monetary benefits, to begin with, and projects launching through the platform would be the top priority. The 20,000 BSCDT has been distributed in the following ways,

  • Team token – 10%
  • Marketing – 10%
  • Liquidity – 20%
  • Private sale – 10%
  • Public sale – 50&

Each transaction attracts a 6% fee of which 3% is burnt and 3% is distributed between token holders as a passive income for holders of the token.

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