What is Ankr network? Top reasons to buy ANKR Coin

Traders who have missed the opportunity to enter the market earlier and earn huge gains from mainstream coins like bitcoin, etherum etc have the chance to invest in Ankr coin. Now, if you are told that the age-old, oligopolistic cloud computing market estimated to be worth USD 450 billion is about to get disrupted with the Ankr cutting edge network, would you be interested in investing in the Ankr coin?

But before that, let us learn more about what Ankr network is and the top reasons for an investor to put their money in Ankr coin. This article first discusses what the Ankr network has to offer and how it differentiates itself from other coins. Once we have understood the features and functionalities of the Ankr network, we will discuss the top reasons to invest in Ankr coins, such as its advanced staking benefits, improved node infrastructure, etc.

What Is ANKR Network?

Chandler Song and Ryan Fang – former students of UC Berkeley – launched Ankr network in 2017 along with Stanley Wu, who previously worked as a computer engineer at Amazon.

Like any other industry, the cloud computing industry was privy to under-utilization and wastage of its resources. However, big cloud computing companies would endure all the extra losses in terms of under-utilization. However, smaller companies would be adversely affected by such losses. As a result, this would discourage smaller companies from entering the cloud computing industry. Consequently, the cloud computing industry became an oligopolistic market.

ankr coin

To address this issue, Ankr network was launched with a goal in mind to revolutionize the already existing cloud-computing business. Ankr network enables cloud computing organizations to make use of its under-utilized cloud computing hardware and helps organizations make better returns on their assets, keeping them relevant amongst their competitors.

Ankr cryptocurrency – Ankr coin serves as a medium of exchange on its network, and users pay fees to avail of Ankr network services. Since its inception, the Ankr network has grown leaps and bounds by making several additions to its network, making investing in Ankr coin a good option. Let us look at the top factors as to why one should invest in Ankr coin.

Top Reasons To Invest In ANKR Coin

Advanced Staking 

With the new additions made to the Ankr network, investors now have a unique proposition where previously investors had to stake as much as 32 coins of Ethereum (approx USD 100,00) on Ethereum’s beacon chain. However, with the Ankr network, investors only need to stake as little as 0.5 Ethereum coins. This new addition has made Ankr coin extremely valuable and relevant compared to its competitors. This feature of the Ankr network makes Ankr coin worth investing in.

Business Model Related To Real World 

As mentioned earlier, the Ankr network is solving problems that can relate to the real world. Previously, cryptocurrency network use cases were seen in isolation that had no relevance to the real world. However, what Ankr network has achieved will make Ankr network an extension to a real-world business backed by an Ankr coin. This makes Ankr coin a valuable asset for all those investors who are contemplating whether to invest in Ankr coin or not.

Simplifying Node Infrastructure 

Setting up a node infrastructure or even participating in a Proof of Stake blockchain validation process is complex. Ankr network has simplified this for individuals and developers, and Ankr network makes sure that it oversees the transactions of the node so that investors staked funds are not penalized. This feature of Ankr network saves investors and developers a lot of time and money.

From this, we can understand that the Ankr network has packed many exciting features that simplify and save a lot of time and resources for individuals and developers, making Ankr coin an attractive investment.

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