Is it a CLEVER Idea to Invest in CLVA?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the hottest sectors now. There are literally hundreds of projects coming up with similar investment and earning models that make it hard for investors to differentiate one from another, making it more challenging to find the right platform that offers better returns.

Among all the DeFi projects, a newcomer CLEVER stands out, mainly due to its unique guaranteed interest model and a high degree of transparency. The project recently concluded the 30-day minting phase of its native CLVA token, and anyone who missed it can now buy into the project by acquiring CLVA from Uniswap or P2PB2B.

What makes CLEVER so different?

A creation of entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Bryan Legend, CLEVER is a DeFi protocol that simplifies yield farming by providing a flexible, assured way to earn returns on investment. Designed keeping transparency and security in mind, the CLEVER platform relies heavily on automation through efficient usage of smart contracts and on-chain transactions.

The platform is fueled by the native ERC20 CLVA token, which was mined from scratch during the recently concluded minting phase. With no pre-mined tokens and the entire CLVA distribution handled by a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM), anyone could participate in the coin issuance phase from day-1 to purchase tokens. By holding the token, investors in CLVA will become eligible to receive interest payouts at every 14-day interval, a process that is again automated by the Automatic Cycle Schedule.

Apart from smart contracts, DMM, and Automatic Cycle Schedule, CLEVER also maintains a CLVA Analytics Dashboard with real-time network insights, including recent transactions, upcoming interest, total market cap, CLVA token price, and an Interest + Supply calculator to estimate returns on investment.

Better returns than banks and alts?

Traditional banking institutions are not reliable anymore as interest rates are currently at their lowest, even negative in some parts of the world. Altcoins present another option, but their volatile nature does not guarantee returns as the asset price could sway either way based on market conditions. That makes DeFi platforms the best option to get better returns on investments, provided one picks the right one.

CLEVER DeFi offers the ideal solution by offering investors a way to earn guaranteed returns on CLVA holdings. The platform issues fortnightly compound interest payouts of up to 11% using an automated distribution mechanism, which accrued over a year could be as high as 307% and 806% over a ten-year period.

The platform considers the number of CLVA held in each wallet during a 14-day cycle to calculate the eligible interest paid out to the same wallet at the end of each cycle. By design, investors in CLVA will continue earning interest payouts for 888 cycles, or around 34 years. The total returns generated by CLEVER are much higher than most of the traditional investments currently out there in the market.

CLEVER does not impose any conditions on CLVA token holders to receive interest payouts. They are free to use the token in any way their wish without worrying about staking, lock-in periods or penalties. CLVA can be readily traded on open markets, and those willing to become part of the ecosystem can buy and start receiving interest payouts at the end of each cycle.

A Valuable Asset in the Making

While CLEVER ticks all the right boxes regarding transparency and passive interest-earning capabilities, its listing on leading exchanges and trading platforms has opened the doors for profitable trading opportunities. In the past week, CLVA registered a 125% price surge from its all-time low. Since then, it has continued to gain more ground, with an average daily increase of up to 5%.

With every payout cycle, more CLVA will enter the market, which, combined with increased investor interest, can potentially lead to a huge appreciation in the token value. Valued at around $8 at the present price, it is not too late for investors who missed the minting phase to purchase CLVA. Purchasing CLVA early on will allow them to buy in at a lower price and enable them to participate in more interest payout cycles for better long-term returns.

Already listed on Uniswap and P2PB2B, CLVA awaits listing on other exchanges, including Coinsbit, Hotbit, and more.

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