Cryptocurrencies 9383 Dominance BTC 40.59% ETH 17.45%
Market Cap $1,982,603,070,773 24h Volume $121,590,045,185

Bancor Network Token Live Price Update & Market Capitalization

Bancor Network Token BNT

$3.47 0.04%

Market Overview

Bancor Network Token current market price is $3.47 with a 24 hour trading volume of $54.91M. The total available supply of Bancor Network Token is 232.91M BNT with a maximum supply of 232.94M BNT. It has secured Rank 111 in the cryptocurrency market with a marketcap of $810.47M. The BNT price is 0.04% up in the last 24 hours.

The lowest price of the Bancor Network Token is $3.35 & the highest price is $3.49 in the last 24 hours. Live Bancor Network Token prices from all markets and BNT coin market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest Bancor Network Token price movements. Check our coin stats data and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell Bancor Network Token at best price in the market.

Market Rank


Bancor Network Token Price


Price Change (24h)

$0 0.04%

24h Low / 24h High

$3.35 / $3.49

Market Cap

$810.47M -0.44%

Trading Volume (24H)


Circulating Supply

232.91M BNT

Max Supply

232.94M BNT

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Bancor Network Token Markets Exchange Data

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#ExchangePairPriceVolume (24h)
Bancor NetworkETH / BNT$3.46$10,954,201
Bancor NetworkWBTC / BNT$3.46$4,713,443
Bancor NetworkLINK / BNT$3.46$6,270,178
Bancor NetworkUSDC / BNT$3.46$3,400,652 ExchangeBNT / USDT$3.47$78,299
Bancor NetworkUSDT / BNT$3.46$2,342,825
Bancor NetworkDAI / BNT$3.46$1,936,655
Bancor NetworkENJ / BNT$3.46$378,031
Bancor NetworkREN / BNT$3.46$3,057,947
Bancor NetworkAAVE / BNT$3.46$322,881
Bancor NetworkBAT / BNT$3.46$70,222
BinanceBNT / USDT$3.47$1,135,519
Coinbase ExchangeBNT / USD$3.48$954,266
Bancor NetworkSNX / BNT$3.46$343,664
Bancor NetworkMATIC / BNT$3.46$185,405
KrakenBNT / USD$3.46$16,304
Bancor NetworkYFI / BNT$3.46$147,331
Bancor NetworkOCEAN / BNT$3.46$190,632
Bancor NetworkWNXM / BNT$3.46$54,764
VCC ExchangeBNT / USDT$3.47$199,592
Bancor NetworkAMP / BNT$3.46$540,216
Bancor NetworkWOO / BNT$3.46$318,387
Bancor NetworkMKR / BNT$3.46$72,528
MEXC GlobalBNT / USDT$3.48$324,590
Bancor NetworkROOK / BNT$3.46$64,062
Bancor NetworkFARM / BNT$3.46$457,370
Coinbase ExchangeBNT / EUR$3.48$159,398
Bancor NetworkVBNT / BNT$3.46$269,484
Bancor NetworkCOMP / BNT$3.46$80,822
Bancor NetworkGRT / BNT$3.46$92,028
OKExBNT / USDT$3.46$1,162,994
Bancor NetworkBOND / BNT$3.46$283,494
Bancor NetworkALPHA / BNT$3.46$243,709
Bancor NetworkQNT / BNT$3.46$129,066
HitBTCBNT / BTC$3.45$2,479,441
Coinbase ExchangeBNT / BTC$3.46$51,077
BinanceBNT / BTC$3.46$229,957
BKEXBNT / USDT$3.49$418,270
Bancor NetworkUNI / BNT$3.46$42,460
Coinbase ExchangeBNT / GBP$3.49$117,859
Bancor NetworkAXS / BNT$3.46$124,590
Bancor NetworkRENBTC / BNT$3.45$32,269
VCC ExchangeBNT / BTC$3.46$51,810
OKExBNT / BTC$3.46$178,202
Bancor NetworkHEGIC / BNT$3.46$49,927
Bancor NetworkNDX / BNT$3.46$127,050
CoinBeneBNT / BTC$3.48$4,051,282
Bancor NetworkMLN / BNT$3.46$145,103
Bancor NetworkMPH / BNT$3.46$30,389
BithumbBNT / KRW$3.60$197,406
FTXBNT / USD$3.49$168,097
Bancor NetworkDAPP / BNT$3.46$39,957
Huobi GlobalBNT / USDT$3.47$69,642
AEXBNT / USDT$3.45$126,495
BinanceBNT / ETH$3.48$79,697
DigifinexBNT / USDT$3.46$145,949
Bancor NetworkRSR / BNT$3.46$23,722
Bancor NetworkRPL / BNT$3.46$2,384
BinanceBNT / BUSD$3.47$10,914
Bancor NetworkMTA / BNT$3.46$54,278
Hoo.comBNT / USDT$3.48$1,092,095
Bancor NetworkRLC / BNT$3.46$66,325
Uniswap (v2)0X1F573... / 0XC02AA...$3.45$34,089
GeminiBNT / USD$3.46$26,002
HotbitBNT / USDT$3.48$2,259
P2PB2BBNT / USDT$3.47$605,185
XT.COMBNT / USDT$3.47$1,449,470
Bancor NetworkOMG / BNT$3.46$7,806
P2PB2BBNT / USD$3.46$61,510
UpbitBNT / BTC$3.47$194,590
Bancor NetworkUOS / BNT$3.46$36,426
BitrueBNT / BTC$3.47$96,813
Bancor NetworkKTN / BNT$3.46$16,678
Bancor NetworkLPL / BNT$3.46$25,287
Bancor NetworkUMA / BNT$3.46$67,126
Bancor NetworkARMOR / BNT$3.46$13,146
KuCoinBNT / USDT$3.47$5,492
Bancor NetworkNEXO / BNT$3.46$4,484
Bancor NetworkTRAC / BNT$3.46$23,288
Bancor NetworkMANA / BNT$3.46$3,826
BitgetBNT / BTC$3.46$711,128
CEX.IOBNT / USD$3.46$28,741
Huobi GlobalBNT / BTC$3.46$24,616
Bancor NetworkARCONA / BNT$3.46$13,368
Bancor NetworkRNB / BNT$3.46$2,627
P2PB2BBNT / BTC$3.46$107,982
Bancor NetworkBDIGG / BNT$3.46$14,634
Bancor NetworkNMR / BNT$3.46$2,034
Bancor NetworkJRT / BNT$3.46$10,641 ExchangeBNT / CRO$3.43$27,426
BitgetBNT / USDT$3.47$129,505
Bancor NetworkANKR / BNT$3.46$2,604
Bancor NetworkMFI / BNT$3.46$9,724
ZBBNT / USDT$3.46$318,240
BitBNSBNT / INR$3.71$50,006
Bancor NetworkMTL / BNT$3.46$15,240
BitrueBNT / ETH$3.47$1,153
Bancor NetworkMDT / BNT$3.46$9,777
Bancor NetworkMRPH / BNT$3.46$11,142
CoinExBNT / USDT$3.47$4,415

About Bancor Network Token (BNT) Cryptocurrency

Bancor is a blockchain protocol that allows users to convert between different tokens directly as opposed to exchanging them on cryptocurrency markets. The project offers a network, which we’ll discuss soon, that works to bring liquidity to the majority of tokens that lack a consistent supply/demand in exchanges. That network is built on smart contracts and a new class of cryptocurrencies that the team calls “Smart Tokens.” Bancor is looking to provide support to the illiquidity that currently exists within the cryptocurrency market. Illiquidity isn’t so much an issue for top coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum because there are always buyers and sellers looking to exchange those coins. It is definitely an issue, however, for the thousands of other tokens that may serve legitimate decentralized purposes but haven’t attracted enough attention in the market to be liquid.Bancor’s protocol uses smart contracts to create Smart Tokens, which serve as an alternative mechanism for trading. A key characteristic of the protocol is that it doesn’t call for an exchange of tokens with a second party, as in the case of cryptocurrency exchanges. Rather, it employs Smart Tokens to convert between different ERC-20 tokens internally. These conversions take place through the blockchain’s protocol and completely outside of cryptocurrency exchanges. Smart Tokens process token conversions internally by holding reserves of other ERC20 tokens within their Smart Contract. They can then convert back and forth between those reserves as users request it.The Bancor team consists of a core Foundation Council and their Advisory Board. The Foundation Council includes four individuals based out of Zug, Switzerland. Bernard Lietaer is a Belgian civil engineer, economist, author, and professor. Lietaer specialized in monetary systems and promotes the notion of communities creating their own local currencies. Guy Benartzi serves as co-founder and is recognized for founding the gaming company, Mytopia. Benartzi also co-founded Particle Code, a development studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Guido Schmitz-Krummacher is an executive of the Bancor Protocol foundation that’s involved with a variety of commercial entrepreneurial ventures in Switzerland. His involvement in the crypto space includes that of Bancor as well as an executive position in crowdfunding network, Tezos (XTZ).One of the key elements of the Bancor Network is the automated pricing. This comes from the Smart Tokens’ built-in automated market makers. These automated market makers mean that the tokens’ smart contracts always buy or sell Smart Tokens from or to any user in exchange for any connector token (as well as any token found in the network). The price comes from the Bancor Formula. This formula that is responsible for balancing a Smart Token’s demand and supply while also maintaining the ratio between the token’s total value with the connector token balances. The creator of the Smart Token configures these ratios, known as the connector weight. The creator can adjust them with the goal of decreasing or increasing the liquidity level of the token. The connector weight indicates price sensitivity, or how much sells and buys affect the price movement. Any time the prices no longer syncs with prices listed on external exchanges, the arbitrageurs will quickly balance the gaps."

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