Cryptocurrencies 9382 Dominance BTC 40.78% ETH 17.37%
Market Cap $1,960,681,693,354 24h Volume $119,827,314,504

Maker Live Price Update & Market Capitalization

Maker MKR

$2,220.59 -3.81%

Market Overview

Maker current market price is $2,220.59 with a 24 hour trading volume of $61.32M. The total available supply of Maker is 901.31K MKR with a maximum supply of 1,005.58K MKR. It has secured Rank 65 in the cryptocurrency market with a marketcap of $2.02B. The MKR price is -3.81% down in the last 24 hours.

The lowest price of the Maker is $2,214.38 & the highest price is $2,326.26 in the last 24 hours. Live Maker prices from all markets and MKR coin market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest Maker price movements. Check our coin stats data and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell Maker at best price in the market.

Market Rank


Maker Price


Price Change (24h)

$-87.88 -3.81%

24h Low / 24h High

$2,214.38 / $2,326.26

Market Cap

$2.02B -3.14%

Trading Volume (24H)


Circulating Supply

901.31K MKR

Max Supply

1,005.58K MKR

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Maker Markets Exchange Data

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#ExchangePairPriceVolume (24h)
Uniswap (v2)0X9F8F7... / 0XC02AA...$2,232.13$534,861
Coinbase ExchangeMKR / USD$2,209.53$3,786,601
Sushiswap0X9F8F7... / 0XC02AA...$2,228.51$234,253
Gate.ioMKR / USDT$2,207.18$205,291 ExchangeMKR / USDT$2,219.53$206,024
FTXMKR / USD$2,209.50$456,809
PhemexMKR / USDT$2,209.05$481,402
WOO NetworkMKR / USDT$2,218.11$131,667
BinanceMKR / USDT$2,209.74$4,549,715
Balancer (v2)0X9F8F7... / ETH$2,228.48$112,299
Uniswap (v3)0X9F8F7... / ETH$2,223.36$49,137
P2PB2BMKR / BTC$2,214.12$291,116
VCC ExchangeMKR / USDT$2,214.75$740,702
HitBTCMKR / BTC$2,206.73$493,735 ExchangeMKR / BTC$2,209.20$489,291
BtcTurk PROMKR / TRY$2,223.36$849,397
MEXC GlobalMKR / USDT$2,206.92$146,824
OKExMKR / USDT$2,217.04$3,540,016
Coinbase ExchangeMKR / BTC$2,204.63$185,298
VCC ExchangeMKR / BTC$2,216.04$214,936 ExchangeMKR / USD$2,215.21$1,253,475
BinanceMKR / BTC$2,211.48$613,540
HitBTCMKR / USDT$2,212.94$1,248,172
DigifinexMKR / USDT$2,210.70$305,338
Binance USMKR / USD$2,208.24$439,943 ExchangeMKR / CRO$2,226.41$158,024
Huobi GlobalMKR / USDT$2,217.88$590,064
GeminiMKR / USD$2,220.70$317,272
KuCoinMKR / USDT$2,207.39$281,117
BiboxMKR / USDT$2,198.60$244,044
KrakenMKR / EUR$2,211.23$16,329
KrakenMKR / USD$2,220.40$37,487
DcoinMKR / USDT$2,211.15$7,562,137
Bancor NetworkMKR / BNT$2,221.04$86,541
Binance USMKR / USDT$2,212.57$188,947
BitBNSMKR / INR$2,381.98$441,489
BinanceMKR / BUSD$2,207.74$463,043
WhiteBITMKR / USDT$2,210.60$519,610
OKExMKR / BTC$2,210.72$615,226
TokenizeMKR / USD$2,190.87$2,998,000
GokuMarketMKR / BTC$2,206.85$2,333,565
P2PB2BMKR / USD$2,213.00$167,222
CoinJar ExchangeMKR / AUD$2,219.83$386,599
GokuMarketMKR / ETH$2,210.11$795,542
CoinJar ExchangeMKR / BTC$2,239.62$7,162
GokuMarketMKR / USDT$2,207.38$1,111,662
BtcTurk PROMKR / USDT$2,224.98$138,575
Hoo.comMKR / USDT$2,221.07$122,540
AAXMKR / USDT$2,214.17$3,388,019
P2PB2BMKR / USDT$2,215.84$2,283,842
CoinTigerMKR / USDT$2,220.96$74,231
HitBTCMKR / ETH$2,206.89$36,962
AEXMKR / USDT$2,215.55$136,712
BitfinexMKR / USD$2,243.60$36,506
ZipmexMKR / IDR$2,231.25$7,173
BithumbMKR / KRW$2,316.44$135,819
OKExMKR / ETH$2,209.27$5,322
Uniswap (v3)DAI / 0X9F8F7...$2,222.25$287,117
Balancer (v1)0X9F8F7... / ETH$2,238.37$23,904
ZipmexMKR / THB$2,260.46$9,748
BiboxMKR / ETH$2,221.66$297,703
XT.COMMKR / USDT$2,215.31$3,721,184
HotbitMKR / USDT$2,215.23$87,599
BitZMKR / USDT$2,216.26$59,662
BitkubMKR / THB$2,262.75$123,043
IndodaxMKR / IDR$2,247.80$48,923
KuCoinMKR / ETH$2,204.67$5,178
ZipmexMKR / AUD$2,216.06$6,007
LATOKENMKR / USDT$2,205.56$171,256
ZipmexMKR / USD$2,223.06$6,189
ZipmexMKR / SGD$2,226.71$6,378
ZipmexMKR / USDT$2,216.31$5,826
KuCoinMKR / BTC$2,208.19$6,979
ExMarketsMKR / USDT$2,213.98$758,817
BittrexMKR / BTC$2,215.15$27,423
Huobi GlobalMKR / BTC$2,208.22$20,766
KickEXMKR / USDT$2,216.28$213,406
CEX.IOMKR / USD$2,233.80$50,382
BittrexMKR / USDT$2,217.71$25,512
HanbitcoMKR / BTC$2,212.02$2,321,192
BitMartMKR / BTC$2,212.93$607,826
BitgetMKR / BTC$2,210.30$896,070
OkcoinMKR / USD$2,194.30$8,372
BitgetMKR / USDT$2,215.70$496,686
BitBayMKR / PLN$2,238.21$23,998
CoinExMKR / BTC$2,211.03$2,734
ExMarketsMKR / BTC$2,206.85$528,040
CoinExMKR / ETH$2,209.63$2,805
CoinExMKR / USDT$2,216.11$10,042
BTC-AlphaMKR / USDT$2,213.40$129,794
ParibuMKR / TRY$2,217.84$705,345
Huobi GlobalMKR / HUSD$2,232.98$58,465
Huobi GlobalMKR / ETH$2,209.18$19,873
OceanexMKR / USDT$2,219.60$1,102,244
ProBit GlobalMKR / USDT$2,212.46$480,954
OceanexMKR / VET$2,210.85$1,088,766
PoloniexMKR / USDT$2,265.94$1,432
UpbitMKR / BTC$2,219.13$42,266
LATOKENMKR / BTC$2,206.92$12,127
BigONEMKR / USDT$2,212.83$216,728

About Maker (MKR) Cryptocurrency

MKR is a cryptocurrency depicted as a smart contract platform and works alongside the Dai coin and aims to act as a hedge currency that provides traders with a stable alternative to the majority of coins currently available on the market. Maker offers a transparent stablecoin system that is fully inspectable on the Ethereum blockchain. Founded almost three years ago, MakerDao is lead by Rune Christensen, its CEO and founder. Maker’s MKR coin is a recent entrant to the market and is not a well known project. However, after today it will be known by many more people after blowing up 40% and it is one of the coins to rise to prominence during the recent peaks and troughs.After being developed by the MakerDAO team, Maker Dai officially went live on December 18th, 2017. Dai is a price stable coin that is suitable for payments, savings, or collateral and provides cryptocurrency traders with increased options concerning opening and closing positions. Dai lives completely on the blockchain chain with its stability unmediated by the legal system or trusted counterparties and helps facilitate trading while staying entirely in the world of cryptocurrencies. The concept of a stablecoin is fairly straight forward – it’s a token that has its price or value pegged to a particular fiat currency. A stablecoin is a token (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) that exists on a blockchain, but unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, Dai has no volatility.MKR is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can not be mined. It’s instead created/destroyed in response to DAI price fluctuations in order to keep it hovering around $1 USD. MKR is used to pay transaction fees on the Maker system, and it collateralizes the system. Holding MKR comes with voting rights within Maker’s continuous approval voting system. Bad governance devalues MKR tokens, so MKR holders are incentivized to vote for the good of the entire system. It’s a fully decentralized and democratic structure, then, which is an underutilized USP of blockchain tech.Value volatility is a relative concept among both cryptos and fiat currencies. The US dollar, for example, was worth 110.748 yen on July 9, 2018. On July 4, 2011, $1 was worth 80.64 yen, and on March 18, 1985, $1 was worth 255.65 yen. These are major differences in exchange rates, and inflation within each country makes each currency worth different values even when compared to themselves. One USD in 1913 is worth the equivalent of $25.41 today, and even $1 in 1993 is worth the equivalent of $1.74 today. Stablecoins don’t negate these basic economic principles of value. Instead, both Tether and Dai have values pegged to the U.S. dollar. This is done to stabilize the price.

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