Cryptocurrencies 13400 Dominance BTC 40.87% ETH 13.85%
Market Cap $907,900,468,665 24h Volume $104,011,088,469

Tether Live Price Update & Market Capitalization

Tether USDT

$0.997 -0.31%

Market Overview

Tether current market price is $0.997 with a 24 hour trading volume of $62.79B. The total available supply of Tether is 66.23B USDT with a maximum supply of (Not Available) USDT. It has secured Rank 3 in the cryptocurrency market with a marketcap of $66.05B. The USDT price is -0.31% down in the last 24 hours.

The lowest price of the Tether is $0.985 & the highest price is $1.01 in the last 24 hours. Live Tether prices from all markets and USDT coin market Capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest Tether price movements. Check our coin stats data and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell Tether at best price in the market.

Market Rank


Tether Price


Price Change (24h)

$-0 -0.31%

24h Low / 24h High

$0.985 / $1.01

Market Cap

$66.05B -0.58%

Trading Volume (24H)


Circulating Supply

66.23B USDT

Max Supply

(Not Available) USDT

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Tether Markets Exchange Data

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#ExchangePairPriceVolume (24h)
BitfinexUSDT / USD$0.999$45,234,252
BinanceBUSD / USDT$1.000$956,328,342
WhiteBITETH / USDT$0.997$184,722,913
FTXUSDT / USD$0.999$83,597,236
FTX TRUSDT / USD$0.999$83,597,236
BinanceUSDC / USDT$1.00$309,734,637
BinanceBTC / USDT$0.999$2,399,385,557
DigifinexBTC / USDT$0.997$391,749,477
DigifinexBUSD / USDT$0.997$60,790,068
BitrueBUSD / USDT$0.997$45,804,491
WOO NetworkBTC / USDT$1.01$290,707,095
WhiteBITUSDC / USDT$0.997$13,657,220
BinanceETH / USDT$0.996$1,854,557,562
WOO NetworkETH / USDT$1.01$185,708,614
DigifinexETH / USDT$0.997$344,144,884
FMFW.ioUSDT / USDC$0.998$3,523,343
LATOKENUSDC / USDT$0.997$3,148,037
HotbitBUSD / USDT$0.997$9,574,644
FTXETH / USDT$0.997$123,022,514
FTX TRETH / USDT$0.997$123,022,514
FTX.USBTC / USDT$0.997$10,997,478
KrakenUSDT / USD$0.999$138,525,387
BitforexBTC / USDT$0.997$303,589,885
DcoinBTC / USDT$0.997$203,538,963
FMFW.ioBUSD / USDT$0.997$178,756,163
DcoinETH / USDT$0.997$134,117,651
FTXBTC / USDT$0.997$152,864,919
FTX TRBTC / USDT$0.997$152,864,919
KuCoinUSDC / USDT$0.997$43,245,520
OKXBTC / USDT$0.997$372,773,325
BKEXBTC / USDT$0.997$825,234,803
XT.COMBTC / USDT$0.997$1,081,970,419
AEXBTC / USDT$0.997$6,532,835 ExchangeBTC / USDT$0.996$333,026,075
BTSEUSDT / USD$0.999$2,701,341
B2BXBTC / USDT$0.997$12,054,934
DigifinexUSDC / USDT$0.997$45,113,685
BitforexETH / USDT$0.997$154,455,024
OKXETH / USDT$0.997$512,776,202
KrakenUSDT / EUR$0.998$79,368,053
B2BXUSDT / USD$0.998$6,344,648
AEXETH / USDT$0.997$2,234,981
AAXBTC / USDT$0.997$661,944,182
OKXUSDC / USDT$0.997$18,224,485
BitrueBTC / USDT$0.997$696,100,848
KuCoinUSDT / TUSD$0.998$644,313
Binance USUSDT / USD$0.998$6,995,254
Gate.ioBTC / USDT$0.997$295,607,278
BitMartBTC / USDT$0.997$760,242,141
P2PB2BBTC / USDT$0.997$376,193,117
HitBTCEDGT / USDT$0.997$65,188
BingXSOL / USDT$0.997$14,775,061
FMFW.ioBTC / USDT$0.997$582,297,906
WhiteBITUSDT / UAH$1.17$3,999,431
BitrueUSDC / USDT$0.997$2,999,470
LBankUSDC / USDT$0.997$16,097,778
WOO NetworkSOL / USDT$1.01$12,101,096
HitBTCBTC / USDT$0.997$582,230,215
BinanceSOL / USDT$1.00$228,543,349
OkcoinUSDT / USD$0.999$10,933,533
Huobi GlobalBTC / USDT$0.997$518,021,485
CoinsbitBTC / USDT$0.997$587,246,007
P2PB2BETH / USDT$0.997$501,881,128
BitMEXXBT / USDT$0.997$4,174,453
FMFW.ioETH / USDT$0.997$552,166,738
MEXC GlobalBTC / USDT$0.997$647,249,852
FMFW.ioBNB / USDT$0.997$91,982,430
HitBTCETH / USDT$0.997$553,267,110
TokpieETH / USDT$0.997$10,963,082
KuCoinBTC / USDT$0.997$549,769,577
DigifinexSOL / USDT$0.997$33,786,397
AEXCNC / USDT$0.997$413,303
FTX.USETH / USDT$0.997$9,946,711
BKEXBUSD / USDT$0.997$9,560,113
HitBTCBNB / USDT$0.997$91,947,481
DigifinexGMT / USDT$0.997$11,659,309
AAXETH / USDT$0.997$315,335,685
BKEXUSDC / USDT$0.997$12,317,179
BitrueETH / USDT$0.997$412,838,626
BitgetBTC / USDT$0.997$330,935,645
BinanceBNB / USDT$0.997$219,828,232
XT.COMETH / USDT$0.997$482,350,131
Binance USBTC / USDT$0.997$91,572,472
BitgetUSDC / USDT$0.997$1,869,148
Huobi GlobalETH / USDT$0.998$312,603,026
WhiteBITTUSD / USDT$0.997$2,055,081
B2BXETH / USDT$0.997$13,786,542
BitfinexBTC / USDT$0.996$21,563,580
BitMartETH / USDT$0.997$402,988,066
Gate.ioETH / USDT$0.997$290,128,722
BKEXETH / USDT$0.997$326,233,227
PancakeSwap (v2)0XE9E7C... / USDT$0.998$7,528,412
BinanceXRP / USDT$0.999$166,362,326
CEX.IOUSDT / USD$1.00$586,483
LBankBTC / USDT$0.997$456,158,567
BitfinexETH / USDT$0.996$33,443,517
Coinbase ExchangeUSDT / USD$0.998$39,581,283
BitgetETH / USDT$0.997$144,375,911
BinanceMATIC / USDT$1.00$210,019,412
BitMartBUSD / USDT$0.997$4,015,085

About Tether (USDT) Cryptocurrency

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency with a value meant to mirror the value of the U.S. dollar. The idea was to create a stable cryptocurrency that can be used like digital dollars. Coins that serve this purpose of being a stable dollar substitute are called “stable coins.” Tether is the most popular stable coin and even acts as a dollar replacement on many popular exchanges! According to their site, Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or “tether” the value of the coin to the price of national currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the Yen. Like other cryptos it uses blockchain. Unlike other cryptos, it is [according to the official Tether site] “100% backed by USD” (USD is held in reserve). The primary use of Tether is that it offers some stability to the otherwise volatile crypto space and offers liquidity to exchanges who can’t deal in dollars and with banks (for example to the sometimes controversial but leading exchange Bitfinex).The digital coins are issued by a company called Tether Limited that is governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands, according to the legal part of its website. It is incorporated in Hong Kong. It has emerged that Jan Ludovicus van der Velde is the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, which has been accused of being involved in the price manipulation of bitcoin, as well as tether. Many people trading on exchanges, including Bitfinex, will use tether to buy other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Tether Limited argues that using this method to buy virtual currencies allows users to move fiat in and out of an exchange more quickly and cheaply. Also, exchanges typically have rocky relationships with banks, and using Tether is a way to circumvent that.USDT is fairly simple to use. Once on exchanges like Poloniex or Bittrex, it can be used to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can be easily transferred from an exchange to any Omni Layer enabled wallet. Tether has no transaction fees, although external wallets and exchanges may charge one. In order to convert USDT to USD and vise versa through the Platform, users must pay a small fee. Buying and selling Tether for Bitcoin can be done through a variety of exchanges like the ones mentioned previously or through the platform, which also allows the conversion between USD to and from your bank account.

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