Digital Monetisation in a COVID-19 Era: A Fresh Approach

Gather Network offers users new streams of income as the world is forced to live online

The continued grip of CoronaVirus has seen the majority of the world’s population locked down at least once in the last year. As 2021 gets underway, we are more reliant on a stable internet connection than ever before to connect with friends and family, go shopping, and carry out daily work.

As the world sits glued to computer screens, tablets and smartphones, digital advertising is more prevalent than ever before. But if one thing is for certain, it’s that the majority of us dislike being subjected to watching autoplay video ads every 5 seconds when visiting a website.

Gather Network offers an innovative solution for both digital consumers and webmasters; a product that provides non-intrusive monetization whilst simultaneously rewarding website visitors with an ad-free browsing experience. With the introduction of a web/app-based miner that pays webmasters in digital currencies, Gather Network improves upon the existing in-browser/in-app mining models that have been popular for a variety of applications.

Saying goodbye to annoying ads

Research by HubSpot found that 91% of people think that ads are more intrusive now compared to two or three years ago. A separate survey found that computer users least preferred pop-up ads, autoplay videos with sound, ads with a countdown, and large sticky ads.

None of this is really surprising, given the sheer volume of ads we encounter today when online.

Gather Network offers website visitors and application users an upgraded user experience free from pop-ups, subscription prompts, and even paywalls.

In return for this ad-free experience, website/app visitors agree to a low level of their computational power, equating roughly to that used when watching a video advertisement, being utilized by the website owner for the duration of their visit in a process known as web/app mining or in-browser/in-app mining.

In-browser/in-app miners are today being seen as a potential alternative to digital advertisements and pose a win-win opportunity for everyone involved, improving user experiences in a world that is increasingly drowning in ads.

Monetization without the monopoly

Various charitable organizations have in the past harnessed the power of in-browser mining to raise donations for disaster relief with great effect and for those hosting websites with large or lengthy amounts of traffic, in-browser/in-app mining can substantially increase revenue.

With the global consumption of online content doubling in 2020, there has never been a better time for website and application developers to monetize their platforms without the need for intrusive and annoying ads. Gather Network enables anyone to integrate simple code with their platform and earn revenue via users’ processing power to mine cryptocurrencies, with mandatory consent built in to ensure transparency and user privacy protection.

The next step in digital monetization

People worldwide are looking for new ways to monetize digital skillsets such as web and app development after pay cuts and redundancies from struggling businesses in the wake of CoronaVirus.

As part of a three-layered enterprise-ready ecosystem, the Gather Network platform offers website and app developers the opportunity to create new streams of income by means of a fully legal and ultra-secure in-browser/in-app mining extension that outshines previous attempts made by preceding blockchain-related projects.

Content consumption patterns have changed dynamically in recent months, with the eyes of the world focused on digital media and e-commerce more than ever before. As avenues for digital monetization evolve with the landscape, Gather Network emerges as a product that benefits both the consumers and providers alike.

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