Digitex Releases An All-In-One Spot &amp

Digitex LTD, a zero-fee cryptocurrency futures exchange has recently announced the much-awaited launch of its zero-fee spot markets. The exchange is well known for being a high-frequency, futures platform also known as the scalper’s paradise, allowing users to pursue trading strategies that otherwise would not be possible on fee-charging exchanges.

The Digitex exchange, with its native token DGTX, launched the mainnet futures exchange last summer of 2020, and since then has been battle-tested on live markets with thousands of real users through extreme BTC volatility. The matching engine technology has proved itself capable of handling over 22 billion contracts in a 24-hour period–on the crypto industry’s first and only single-click ladder interface.

With the latest release, the company states that Digitex is no longer just a futures exchange but a place where spot traders can place as many trades and transactions as they like without incurring a single fee. Users can also withdraw their funds completely free of charge unlike any other cryptocurrency exchange on the market.

Digitex launched six trading pairs–DGTX/BTC, DGTX/ETH, ETH/BTC, BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC, DGTX/USDC–and will be gradually adding more according to demand.

Not only do traders enjoy the benefits of zero-fee trading, but they can also participate in the company’s Liquidity Mining Program.

Digitex traders collectively make over $10,000 worth of DGTX daily—each spot market pays traders 25 DGTX per minute, which comes to 417,600 DGTX paid out daily.

Digitex.io states that it plans to introduce many more new products and features for the remainder of 2021 so that traders can have more ways of earning crypto and making generous gains.

If you’re interested in checking out the latest release, you can sign up for an account here, and take advantage of their $25 offer for new customers.

Digitex is a unique zero-fee crypto exchange with its native token DGTX. It is one of a kind platform that offers high-frequency trading for scalpers that no other platform in the market yet provides.

Digitex was founded by a former futures trader and betting-exchange trader and is registered in the Republic of Seychelles. The company has developed an exemplary token issuance revenue sustainable model that can thrive without charging fees on trades.

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