Etho Protocol Now Integrated Into Vidulum Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Wallet

Partnership delivers a world-class user experience for cryptocurrency investors that demand a “Security First” solution.

Etho Protocol’s ETHO currency is now fully deployed in Vidulum cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet. Web or mobile users can interact with their investments via a secure and elegant interface.

Most importantly Vidulum does not store “crypto-keys” in the app so funds cannot be hacked out of the wallet.

“We are always looking to provide the most secure and user-friendly experience for our community. The Vidulum’s App clearly met all our requirements.” Said Mr. Chris Terry, Director of Business Development.

He continued, “There is a lot of competition in the crypto wallet space, most are average at best, however Vidulum really shines. I see big things for them in the future.”

Mr. Corey Miller, co-Founder of Vidulum stated the following, “Communities are the building blocks of the cryptocurrency space and when we built the Vidulum App we know today, our focus was on ensuring that anybody no matter their skill level, expertise, or knowledge could have access to a platform that enables non-custodial ownership of cryptocurrency.

With this in mind, bringing ETHO Protocol to Vidulum App was an easy decision as a community driven project that is working to change the way data is stored. At Vidulum, our goal is to focus on building an all in one platform that can truly bridge the gap for broader adoption and non-custodial ownership.”

About Etho Protocol

The Etho Protocol is a open-source platform that empowers any individual or entity to publish and share data without the fear of censorship or attack. There is no central authority, the entire protocol is managed by Community Consensus.

A global network of cloud-based computing resources provides a fully decentralized hosting solution that is fault tolerant, redundant, and secure. The Etho Protocol also includes smart-contract management structures for blockchain, financial, and decentralized data operations.

Etho Protocol’s cryptocurrency ticker symbol “ETHO” and can be found on, and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges. To learn more about the project please visit for solution and platform information.

About Vidulum

Vidulum App, is a non-custodial multi-currency crypto web wallet accessible online through any modern web browser and Android or iOS devices. With a focus on ease of use and functionality, Vidulum App rewards users through it’s V-Staking service that rewards users for holding certain enabled cryptocurrency with VDL daily. VDL is available on Stex and Crex24. For more information please visit


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