Final Chance to Get on the Train – First Crypto Project Backed by a $100 Million Public Company

Imagine a huge company creating a public blockchain project, for a real-world use case, which is guaranteed to get a strong userbase from day-one with a lot of room for others to adopt and join the crowd. Now, if this project is created in a place where crypto adoption is on the verge of hitting its peak, it could reach critical mass in no time and spread to other geographies.

Enter Isiklar Group

Now stop imagining as it is turning into a reality, courtesy of Isiklar Group – one of the biggest business conglomerates in Turkey. The ISIKC project is the construction giant’s contribution to the cryptosphere which could result in the creation of the world’s first major blockchain loyalty program. This program will be initially adopted by the company’s long list of business partners including suppliers and consumers, enabling all parties to secure concessions and discounts on products and services.

The ISIKC project is poised to become a success not only because of its utility but also its initial target geography. Turkey has emerged as a hotspot for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with consistent growth in adoption. Apart from the increasing ownership of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies, the country is among the handful few considering the development and implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) whose pilot launch is expected to happen anytime this year.

As a pet project of a 50-year-old company, the ISIKC platform incorporates a namesake ISIKC ERC20 utility token, available to the public to invest in, own, and trade against other crypto assets. Thanks to the backing of a listed company, the ISIKC token has been registering steady gains since its launch over a year ago. Starting with an initial value of $ 0.2, ISIKC is now over $0.93 which places the crypto’s gains at over 450%. While those invested in ISIKC during the initial days have been enjoying the growth of their assets, new entrants or those wishing to boost their holdings have another opportunity with the ongoing secondary public offering of the token.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

With another week left, the second stage of the token sale is offering a total of 10 million ISIKC tokens at $0.4 each, which is less than half the current market price. ISIKIC can be purchased with leading cryptocurrencies as well as major credit and debit cards on their website. However, given the potential use case of the project as a transparent, trustless loyalty program which combined with the backing of a $100 million public company, experts believe that the ISIKC token’s true worth may be undervalued in the current scenario.

Meanwhile, market speculations indicate that ISIKC may be listed on top-tier exchanges and trading platforms in the near future, enabling access to crypto investors and traders from across the world. Once it happens, the value of ISIKC may increase multiple folds to further reinforce the position of Isiklar’s platform as a crypto investment platform with the lowest fees in the investment world.

The ISIKC secondary token sale presents itself as the last chance for investors to buy into the ISIKC ecosystem at a much lesser cost than what it may otherwise cost at a later date.

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