Are Governance Tokens the Future of DeFi?

A DAO-governed platform that offers to users over ten revenue streams such as IPO participation, Nimbus has recently announced the launch of its Governance Token, GNBU. GNBU will be launched on the 10th of March 2021, at 12 PM GMT on their official website.

This launch will help the company become a complete decentralized ecosystem where all the monetary benefits and the platform’s governance will be distributed among the GNBU holders.

Nimbus plans to get listed on a North American Stock Exchange by the year’s end.

About Nimbus

Nimbus was started in 2019 with a user base of 50,000 users accumulated with their innovative crypto arbitrage-trading bot. Last year, the company started its journey to become a DeFi ecosystem of dApps including Crowdfunding dApp, IPO Hub dApp, P2P Lending dApp, and Crypto Arbitrage-Trading dApp.

NBU is a Nimbus utility token that after two days of launch reached the market cap of $35 Million. The launch of GNBU is the second milestone for the company, which will bring the company closer to becoming a truly decentralized ecosystem.

How does this event benefit its users?

Governance tokens are a valuable asset that has become increasingly popular in the DeFi space in a short time. GNBU will take the efficiency of the governance tokens a step further by offering several unique benefits to the holders. Some of the benefits of being GNBU holders are:

1. The launch of the dApps will deliver over ten revenue cuts:

Nimbus will launch a set of four new dApps in the next month, which was much anticipated by the company’s 50,000 users. These dApps will help in:

  • IPO participation using crypto 
  • Peer-to-peer credit transactions for users with different risk scope
  • Startup financing and access to equity and convertible notes
  • Crypto Arbitrage Trading

These dApps will generate more than ten revenue streams for Nimbus’ users, and GNBU holders will benefit from each stream at once.

Also, these dApps will integrate time-honoured tools of traditional finance with the Decentralized Finance industry. This integration will open several new opportunities for GNBU holders and increase their benefits while reducing overall risk.

2. Open governance for the Nimbus platform:

After the launch of GNBU, the holders will have a deciding vote on the company’s technical, economic, and governance-related decisions. For instance – gas-fees, change in pool reward levels, burn tokens, etc.

3. GNBU trading:

All the GNBU holders can swap their tokens with Nimbus Utility Token, USDT, ETH, etc. These possibilities will increase as the company gets listed on more crypto-exchange platforms.

This way, users can stake their rewards by holding GNBUs or can exchange them for their preferred token minting profit along the way.

4. Nimbus stock exchange possibilities:

As the company is planning to get listed on a significant North American stock exchange by the end of the year, it will mean new possibilities for the users.

Nimbus will be the first company to achieve this goal and will further the service portfolio that it currently offers. By going public, Nimbus will offer many more capitalization possibilities to its users who will be able to earn more profits.

As evident from the past, many governance tokens end up being a huge success. But all of the listed points provide GNBU holders – especially the early ones – with even higher prospects than the market average.

That is why the launch on March 10, 12 pm GMT, should not be missed.

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