OKEx Lists Two More Meme Coins – AKITA and KISHU

The popular global crypto exchange and derivatives trading platform, OKEx has added two more decentralized community experiments days after listing the Shiba Inu project’s SHIB tokens.  The latest projects Akita Inu and Kishu Inu, also named after popular Japanese dog breeds had their respective tokens – AKITA and KISHU listed on OKEx on May 14, 2021, ready for spot trading against USDT.

According to OKEx, the decision to list AKITA and KISHU was the result of a recent voting event held by the platform. The voting event offered an opportunity for the OKEx community a pick two meme token projects out of four available options.

These two projects share quite a few similarities with the Shiba Inu project, including the part where both the projects sent 50% of their token supply to Vitalik Buterin and the remaining locked on Uniswap.

Announcing the listing, the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao said, “Following the addition of SHIBA to the OK

Ex platform, we are pleased to be able to add AKITA and KISHU to the mix.

We would also like to thank our community for helping to determine which token projects to list on our platform via this special round of voting. We are always putting our customers’ needs first, and their choice and preference are essential elements for us when determining which assets to list.

We look forward to continuing to host community events to strengthen our bond with our users and to understand their needs better so that we can ensure a rewarding investment experience and strengthen the development of our exchange as well as the blockchain community at large.”

The popularity of meme tokens is on the rise again following a successful revival of interest in dogecoin for the second time.

The listing of SHIB, AKITA, and KISHU and the crypto community’s positive reaction to it reinforce the sentiment.

Marking the event, OKEx has its own version of rewards for KISHU holders. It is offering 2% of the tokens’ daily trading volume, to be distributed proportionally among KISHU token holders by the end of each week.

In addition, OKEx also offered the entire trading fee generated from the KISHU/USDT pair during the first week of trading as a special dividend to KISHU holders on the platform.

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