Tupan, Merging the Boundaries of the Environmental Regeneration and Crypto World

With the constant forest degradation, one starts to wonder if the existing protection methods are efficient enough to tackle the ever-growing problem. If not, then what more can be done to save it without compromising technological advancements that benefit humankind.

Tupan might have the answer to that question or, at the very least, will promote the protection of the forests by leveraging cryptocurrencies. Tupan is a part of the ForestAu Green LLC investment fund, which has shown a consistent effort to protect the environment by providing profit to environmental investors.

There is no denying that our environment is in trouble and current protection methods are not effective enough. So, by incentivizing environmental investors and fostering R&D of ecological services, Tupan promotes native forest conservation.

Since people are more aware than ever of the repercussions of human activity and the importance of finding a sustainable solution, several projects are working hard to achieve a long-lasting relationship between sustainability and development.

Forests play the most crucial role in an environment, and if depleted, the environment cannot survive, let alone thrive. With initiatives such as Tupan coming into play, the future might not be as bleak as the present.

About Tupan

Tupan aims to promote a sustainable forestry economy by creating economic alternatives that can also help forest conservation. These alternatives might include various projects such as extractive activities, security initiatives, and the promotion of family agriculture products.

An essential part of the strategy is to ensure that the forest projects can generate financial returns sufficient to handle the forest’s upkeep. The first step in establishing this alternative is to educate several communities and train them for these projects.

Tupan wants to bring technology and sustainability in harmony to protect the environment while not compromising on development. Evidently, this is the best time to start as the global recognition of the importance of protecting forests has never been greater.

The Brazilian landowners using a math modeling transformed this area into cubic meters of preserved forestry ecosystem and issued an equivalent Environmental NFT to the output of a determined 1m3 of the preserved forest at a value of $ 1.43 (on September 15th, 2020). Each TUPAN is equivalent to One Cubic Meter of Preserved Forest and each Tupan Token issued by ForestAu Green is a DeFi backed by NFTs.

Tupan aims to establish its premises by following a series of steps:

  • Investment in Bioeconomy
  • Investment in Research and Development
  • The consolidation of the Regenerative Circular Economy
  • As a result of the economy of Tupan’s work, we will have a regenerative forest with integration with human beings and the consequent improvement in the quality of life of the population and community around our regions.

The fund aims to use sustainable investment to promote forest protection and community development by leveraging the crypto world. An investment is regarded as sustainable and regenerative only if it can justify three main aspects.

  • If the investment has growth potential and can provide superior returns in the long run.
  • If the investment has a better risk management module with clear environmental and governance outlines, that will promote more ethical and transparent dealings.
  • Lastly, if the investment is in demand by the new generation as they will actively participate in it.

Tupan brings investors closer to the regeneration of the Amazon Forest. Much more than sustainability, we need to build circular and regenerative ecosystems.

The fund’s primary objective is to manage and to encourage environmental services and generate positive social and environmental impact. Tupan plans to achieve this objective by incentivizing adding value to the products raised by the forest.

By adding value, investors, owners, smallholders, and the community will gain monetary returns to further their development. It is a smart initiative to establish a win-win situation between the investors and the forest by creating a mutually beneficial platform.

Cryptocurrency has developed into a massive industry with unforeseen use cases. Projects such as Tupan are leveraging the crypto world to promote environmental-friendly projects and furthering the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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