Zort Launches a Token That Powers Its Automated Trading Platform

Having a successful investing career in cryptocurrencies is quite hard. Even if you are a seasoned trader in Forex, commodities, or any other traditional market, you will find crypto to be a completely different animal. Many reasons account for this.

The best-known one is the crypto’s relatively low capitalization. That means that the markets are not very liquid, which, in turn, accounts for the high price variance, which is everybody’s nightmare.

Another problem in the crypto verse has to do with the currently available trade platforms. If you compare them with the equivalent platforms you can find in more traditional markets; the crypto ones seem pretty basic. They look like low-tech options for the supposedly highest tech market in the world. That is about to change.

Imagine if you could just have your digital assets deposited in an automated platform that will use AI algorithms to carry out trades on your behalf. Imagine if you don’t need to do anything, but let the process work its magic and return later to collect your profits. That’s what Zort will do for you.

The Zort project has a straightforward goal in mind: giving everybody the chance to profit in the cryptocurrency trade autonomously, safely, at the click of a button.

Maybe the most remarkable thing about this platform is that it is open to anyone. The traditional markets do have services of this kind, but they’re only available for large institutional investors. Zort is very egalitarian in that regard.

Meet the Zort Coin

But the unsung hero in this project is ZORT, the Zort coin. ZORT is how the platform’s proprietary technology is tokenized in the Ethereum network.

In a first approach, ZORT is just like any other cryptocurrency. You can buy it and sell it (just connect your wallet to the DEX of your choice, look for ZORT and set the amount of Ether you want to swap for ZORT), but it has some additional advantages.

Holding or staking ZORT tokens earns you several substantial rewards within the Zort environment. You will pay less in fees because holding your ZORT gives you a 50% discount on trading fees. This advantage is critical because the system will be performing many trades on your behalf, and each one will cause a fee. Paying half as much trading fees gets you closer to making a profit more quickly.

Also, holding ZORT yields an 8% annual earning. No locks. It’s paid off monthly.

ETH to ZORT swaps will become available soon at the DEXes UniSwap and SushiSwap.

Also, some centralized exchanges (Kraken, Binance, and hitBTC) will adopt the trading pair soon.

So now you know. Zort is a powerful AI trading platform that can get you guaranteed profits without any work, and ZORT is the coin that powers the system.

You can own ZORT coins, and that simple fact will enable you to profit more quickly in your trades and will even give you passive income.

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